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Lightweight - Approx, 80% of steel products
Approx., 40% lignter than existong plastic healds

- Less snares on jetlooms, enabling a higher RPM for optimal production efficiency
- Reduced smarin of load in jetlooms, lengthening the lifespan of loom.
- Low adrasion of main components to reduce maintenance costs.
- Reducde electricity consumption to lower overall cost of weaving

Thin-Uniform thickness of 0.35mm

- At least 40% lignter than existing pleatic healds.
- Thickness colosest to steel healds, making it advantageous for high density fabrics.
- Higher eficiency of weaving by supplementing the limitations caused by the thickness of existong plastic healds.
- Suppements the drawvback of having to use the heald fram often, therdby reducing processing time and manpower.
- Reduced rubbibg of the heald and thread with thinner healds, improving the quality of fabric.